Mar 15, 2014

Simple Single Crochet Throw Rug

Good morning friends! A few weeks ago I mentioned to my crochet buddy Helen, I was going to crochet a throw rug for my bedroom. I searched for a rug pattern but I couldn’t find anything I liked, so I decided to wing it and not use a pattern.

I began March 6 and finished by a couple days later Well, almost finished… attaching the tassels and I’m all finished! Of course I had to finish before Sunday afternoon so I could show Helen.  I think the rug turned out pretty good. However, it is a tad to small for the bedroom, so it will be useful in my kitchen.

Looking Good!  ;o)

As I said earlier, I searched for a pattern and *I found one I really liked, but the pattern was a little hard to follow.  I was surprised how many free rug patterns I did find. I posted a few sites below if you are interested.
 Red Heart Worsted Super Saver
First, I used the following items to crochet my rug:
Yarn: Red Heart Worsted Super Saver
skeins Aran
2 skeins Frosty Green
Hook: H
Holding two strands and an sc stitch (single crochet) throughout
Yep!  That’s it… easy stitch… single crochet = sc

Here’s a few websites with free crochet rug patterns for you to bookmark. 

Free Vintage Crochet (by Purple Kitty LLC.): There are about 98 rug patterns (some vintage) But there are more than rug pattern to see on this site… have fun!

Basket Weave Rug from Maggies Crochet: Lots of pattern here too!

*Crochet Natural Stripes Rug Crochet Pattern by Red Heart: This is the pattern I used as a guide to crochet my rug. And I added a few drop stitches here and there for looks.  The next rug I make, I’ll leave out the drop stitches…. To hard to see. Live and learn… ;o)

Whimsy Stripes Rug from Lion Brand

I’m sure that there are more sites offering free crochet rug patterns, if you would like to share your bookmarks with everyone, please leave a comment below.

OK… now I need to make a runner for the kitchen counter… lol  I’m on a roll don’t stop me now! lol Thank you for stoping by and I hope you find the links useful. Until next time… Cari

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