Apr 30, 2014

Wire Wrapping Journey 9

Hello Everyone!  What have I been up to lately regarding my Wire Wrapping Journey?  I’m so glad you asked… Not much!  And for those of you that know me… you know that statement is not true at all!  Busy times keep me out of trouble (and from doing housework…. YUCK!)

I’m still working on the ear cuffs. The cuff in the picture is called a TripleFold Ear Cuff.  Very similar to the ear cuff I used in the tutorial, with the exception of one more bend, making it a triple instead of a double.  

I am very excited about these ear cuffs and I have a couple listed in my shop for the double ones called Twofold Ear Cuffs in 8 different colors.  Although, I doubt very much I’ll make any of the Triple-folds in colored wire. I’ll use gold plated, silver filled and copper wire, unless of course someone has a request for one in color. LOL  Customer Service is #1! 

I do have a question for you.  I have searched the web for simple ear cuff tutorials and I have only found a few… Do you know of a cool website I can check out? If you do, please leave the link in the comment section below.  Thanks! 

Well my friends, that does it for me today… off to create.  Well, actually I need to start the wash, and change the bedding… Housework is…. a good thing! LOL  See you next time!  Cari

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