Jun 1, 2014

Sunday Crochet: My Beginning

Welcome to Sunday Crochet! 

Towel Toppers made by Helen
Towel Toppers made by Helen 
My Beginning:  When I was a young teen, I remember my Grandmother giving Towel Toppers as gifts and how handy they are to have hanging in a kitchen. She was the only one in my family that crocheted and when she died her traditional Towel Toppers went with her.

Until 2002, a few months before Christmas, I decided to make my Grandmothers Towel Toppers and give them to my family as part of their Christmas gifts but I needed to learn how to crochet first.

Boyle Crochet Hooks
Hmmm… Where am I going to learn how to crochet? I don’t know anyone that crochets, take a class? No, I’ll learn on the Internet.

As I was searching for a website I came across StitchGuide.com (which is now AnnieCrafts.com), where you can watch a video of certain crochet stitches. Remember this was 12 years ago, unlike today there are hundreds of websites offering to help you learn the art of crochet.
For anyone wanting to learn how to crochet or maybe you need to brush up on your stitches, here are a few websites I would recommend:
I know there are other great websites for teaching crochet and if you would like to share your favorite website please leave the link in the comment section below for everyone to read.

As you may have guessed my Grandmothers Towel Toppers live on and I make new towels each year for my family and trust me… they need them. For those of you that are not familiar with crochet, a towel topper is a dish towel cut in half and an edging is crocheted to it, so it can hang in a kitchen.

Wire Crochet BraidletLearning to crochet has enriched my life, allowed me to share my enthusiasm for crochet by teaching others, and it has helped me to think outside the box… i.e.: Braidlets.  So if you are thinking that crochet is to hard to learn, please try again. Find the right teacher or video or website… because crochet will change your life too.

Now, I bet you are wondering what is Sunday Crochet?  For starters it will be a monthly post where I can share tips, list interesting websites, talk about, share my experiences,  my stories, chat about my Sunday Crochet group, feature items, and the people who crochet …. YES… it’s all about CROCHET!

I’m excited to share my love of crochet with all of you and I hope you find something to inspire you to learn or maybe pick up the hook again. It’s really not hard at all to learn and once you get the hang of a couple stitches… You’ll amaze yourself by all the things you can make with some yarn and a crochet hook… ;o)

Thank you for joining me today and I’ll see you next time for more fun on Sunday Crochet. Cari

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