Jul 1, 2014

Sunday Crochet: Headbands, Ruffles Scarfs, and Market Bags… Oh my!

Hello my friends and welcome to Sunday Crochet!  

One-Skein-Market-Bag on AllFreeCrochet.comOur little crochet club meets every Sunday afternoon, to share what we have finished, or learn a new stitch or start a new pattern.

A couple weeks ago Helen found this Market Bag pattern on the AllFreeCrochet site.  The Pattern is part of an E-book called ‘Scrap Yarn and One Skien Crochet Patterns’.  The picture on the left is the Market-Bag from AllFreeCrochet.

The pattern was pretty simple and the bag works up really fast, so fast Shelia and Helen finished their bags within a week. I finally finished mine this past week… Go Figure! lol

Next is this sweet, very versatile Ruffle Scarf by Shelia. She loves making these ruffle scarfs, almost as much as she loves giving them to friends and family.

Ruffle Scarf by SheilaSheila used a metallic gold and black ruffle yarn but unfortunately she doesn’t remember the name or yarn company. But she used a standard crochet ruffle scarf pattern and I have listed a few if you would like to try it.

Maggie Weldon - Crochet Super Easy Ruffled Scarf
Red Heart - Frilly Crochet Scarf
Yvette Marie Crafts - How to crochet 2 different ways Sashay ruffle scarf

Most patterns call for using 1 skien of ruffle yarn to complete the scarf, but Sheila mixes it up a bit and she crochet two scarfs from one skien.  In doing so, the scarfs are lightweight, yet they keep the chilly wind off your neck and they add just enough color to brighten up an outfit.  WTG Sheila!

* ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ *

As I’m sure you know the 4th of July is right around the corner and Helen is gearing up with these very cute Headbands with Stars. She found the > Patriotic Crochet Stars < pattern on the very popular Repeat Crafter Me website.

Red, White, and Blue Star Hairbands by Helen
Crochet Masion Jar Covers  by Helen
She also made the patriotic covers to hold plastic forks and knives on your holiday table.  So cute!  

* ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ * ~~~ *

I bet you are wondering why a few of the items above have a label. Well… Helen mentioned to  Shelia and I she was donating the Star Headbands to a silent auction to help raise money for a family friend.

Her name is Lori Ramirez Renowski and she has cancer. But she is a fighter!  Lori and  Lisa (Helen’s daughter) went to high school together and have remained great friends over the years. Read all about this event here > Mini Reunion Benefitting <

Mini Reunion Benefitting for Lori Ramirez Renowski
Mini Reunion Benefitting 
Lori Ramirez Renowski
Without hesitation Sheila donated her scarf and I donated a couple Braidlets. That’s the least we could do for this very strong, brave, and courages fighter! Go Lori!

Crochet Baby Blanket by Helen
Crochet Booties by Helen
Although the benefit will be over by the time I post this article, but if you would like to help Lori and her family here is the FaceBook page with some info…

Mini Reunion benefitting …. Lori

I believe you can contact… Liz Navarro Hogue for more information.

Stay strong Lori… Hugs to you! 

Well, my friends that’s it for Sunday Crochet and please if you have any questions… leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you!

Thanks for reading… from Helen, Sheila, and I… We hope to see you next time for more Sunday Crochet!  Cari

Braidlets by Cari


Helen Vigil said...

Thanks SO much for all your teaching, coaching, and inspiration, Cari! Really enjoying my crochet journey with you and I'm always looking forward to our next projects! You are an amazing, generous person and we are the lucky ones to know you!!

Cari Baker said...

Helen my friend… you are to kind! Thank you for all the sweet words and I couldn’t do any of this without you and Sheila! ;o)