In 2006, while teaching a beginning crochet class, I came across a book titled ‘Elegant Wire and Bead Crochet Jewelry (Leisure Arts #4395) that inspired me to take my crochet skills to a new level… crocheting with wire and beads.

Let’s just say… I was hooked! I made a few items in the book lapel flowers, a coin purse, and a twisted seed bead bracelet. Then it hit me, if I can make a bracelet by twisting multiple strands of crochet beaded wire, why can’t I braid the strands instead. TaDa! The Braidlets were born!

Braidlets® Design Process

Braidlets are handmade by crocheting beads, crystals or pearls to wire forming three separate strands that are braided together to create a uniquely designed bracelet. The braiding process is the backbone to the design adding:

Strength and Durability:
Creating a Braidlet
braiding three strands
Crocheting the beads to wire also allows more reflective light to pass through the entire bead causing a brighter, more brilliant shimmer to the bracelet. 

Vibrant Shimmer:
Furthermore, the wire cradles the bead creating a smooth underside that rests against your wrist.

Lightweight and Comfort:
As you can see there are several reasons Braidlets are truly unique. All of the above, Strength,  Durability, Vibrant Shimmer, Lightweight, and Comfort were all part of my master plan. 

To design a well constructed, affordable, and yes… amazing bracelet for all women to enjoy.

I have personally made over 100 Braidlets in a variety of color combinations and although I can’t show you all of them, below you may see some of my personal favorites.

Victoria Cuff Braidlet
Victoria Cuff
Rain Forest made with Swarovski Crystals
Golden Shadow Braidlet
Golden Shadow
AB Crystal Braidlet compared to tennis bracelet affordable
Swarovski Crystal
Greige Brown Braidlets
Swarovski Pearls and Crystals 
Lava Braidlets
Lava made with Swarovski Crystals 
Braidlets Vintage Rose
Swarovski Vintage Rose
White Opal AB Braidlets
Swarovski White Opal
Peach Pearl and Crystal Braidlets
Swarovski Peach Pearl and Crystal
Lavender Pearls and Crystals Braidlets
Swarovski Lavender Pearls and Crystals
Fire Opal Braidlets
Swarovski Fire Opal 
Cream Pearl Braidlets
Cream Swarovski Pearl 
You can see more color combinations at my 
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