Crochet Showcase

The pictures below are some of the things I have crocheted over the past 13 years. I didn’t put the type of yran used on all the pictures, but if you need to know yarn used… somewhere I have the information written down. ;o) LOL  I’ll be more than happy to look it up. ;o) send me an email ( and I’ll do my best to find the info. 

Enjoy the pictures! 
Crochet baby clothes and bunny!

Crochet baby clothes and bunny! 

crochet neck ties, shawl, hats

crochet neck ties, shawl, hats

lapel pins made with thread

Lapel pins made with thread, wire, and beads

Crochet scarves!

Crochet scarves… I probably have made over 150 scarves over the years… Not enough room on the page to display all of them… lol

Sample wire crochet and leather and beads

Beginning stages of crocheting with wire and beads. Also, leather cord and beads… I have a friend that still wears the anklet I made for her… from leather cord and seed beads. 

 Many thanks to my family and friends for all their continued support… And to my husband John, for putting up with me and my yarn/wire/crystals closet! ;o) You’re the BEST! 

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