Jul 17, 2014

Etsy Treasury by Working Artists Team 1

Etsy Treasury by Working Artists Team 1
Good Morning! Working Artists Promotion Team on Etsy, was started by my good friends Debbie and her husband John from Thunder Rose Leather.  With over 500 members listing, creating, and selling… they find the time to help one another promote!  That’s what this team is about (hint the team name… lol) PROMOTING!

One way members can promote one another is creating an Etsy Treasury. I did a search yesterday and there are more than 1600 fabulous Working Artists Team Treasuries on Etsy.  Nice work everyone! Which brings me to this post… from time to time I will post a Treasury Collection for you my teammates… Enjoy and here we go…

Jul 1, 2014

Sunday Crochet: Headbands, Ruffles Scarfs, and Market Bags… Oh my!

Hello my friends and welcome to Sunday Crochet!  

One-Skein-Market-Bag on AllFreeCrochet.comOur little crochet club meets every Sunday afternoon, to share what we have finished, or learn a new stitch or start a new pattern.

A couple weeks ago Helen found this Market Bag pattern on the AllFreeCrochet site.  The Pattern is part of an E-book called ‘Scrap Yarn and One Skien Crochet Patterns’.  The picture on the left is the Market-Bag from AllFreeCrochet.

The pattern was pretty simple and the bag works up really fast, so fast Shelia and Helen finished their bags within a week. I finally finished mine this past week… Go Figure! lol

Next is this sweet, very versatile Ruffle Scarf by Shelia. She loves making these ruffle scarfs, almost as much as she loves giving them to friends and family.

Jun 1, 2014

Sunday Crochet: My Beginning

Welcome to Sunday Crochet! 

Towel Toppers made by Helen
Towel Toppers made by Helen 
My Beginning:  When I was a young teen, I remember my Grandmother giving Towel Toppers as gifts and how handy they are to have hanging in a kitchen. She was the only one in my family that crocheted and when she died her traditional Towel Toppers went with her.

Until 2002, a few months before Christmas, I decided to make my Grandmothers Towel Toppers and give them to my family as part of their Christmas gifts but I needed to learn how to crochet first.